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Hello Boob Lovers!

The iCoppaFeel! App has been reminding you to take a hold of yourself each month for around two years now. We hope its been a useful reminder to get into the habit of checking your funbags regularly. However, were no longer supporting the app and will remove it from the App Store soon as weve got plans to go forward and give you even better nudges to CoppaFeel!

Get the updates from our website and follow us on Twitter so we can always be together to help people become aware, check themselves and save lives!


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Do you forget to check your boobs? You’re not the only one. That’s why CoppaFeel! are here with a free app to help you remember.

After signing up and pledging allegiance to your boobs, you’ll receive a photo message each month from us with a different celeb or image. You can even get your friends involved by making them your boob buddy and asking them to take photos for you.

Theres a boob checking guide and you’ll also get to see how many others copped a feel on the same day as you!

We really hope you enjoy the app and that it helps you to get to know your boobs.

The CoppaFeel! Team x